Fitness Tip: Body Awareness

Fitness Tip: Body Awareness

How often do you find yourself browsing the internet or running your eyes through magazines for exercise programs, meal plans, and the next best thing that will finally help you move closer to your fitness goals?

And most of the time, these generic plans don’t turn out like you thought they would.

First off, I think that it’s GR8 that you’re experimenting with different ways to reach your goals.

I feel that doing that is important because you’ll begin to learn more about your body, what works and what doesn’t, for you and your lifestyle.

Lets talk about body awareness.

Most people are so focused on gathering information from external sources (people, internet, etc.) rather than listening to what our body’s are telling us.

I feel that body awareness – listening to your body is such an important skill to develop because even though something can be perceived as healthy, might actually not be in certain circumstances.

Here’s an example:

I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again that broccoli is good for you and you should be eating it if you want to get leaner.

But what if eating broccoli causes you to feel bloated, gassy, and like a pile of backed up poop!?

In this case, broccoli may not be a good choice for you to consume no matter what others are telling you.

After years of eating brown rice without any problems, one day I began having a negative reaction to it.

I figured this out after tracking my meals and narrowing it down to this sneaky “healthy” grain.

So what am I supposed to do?

Continue eating brown rice because it’s considered healthy even though my stomach is clearly telling me to stop?

Now I’m not saying brown rice is not healthy.

I’m saying it just wasn’t working for me at that time.

You see, there’s no external source that can tell you what is good for you.

The best source of information for making decisions may very well be what your body is telling you.

Thanks for reading!

~Coach Garret Rumbea

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  1. Wise and well-informed advice. Thank you, Coach Garrett.

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